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08 October 2008 @ 04:01 pm
These are German Hippos  

(From the AP, found via BBC's Day in Pictures.)
(That the hippos are German is not really relevant to anything.)
(Unless of course that pumpkin is Jewish.)

You might think that this picture is all about the hippopotamus in the foreground, munching on a pumpkin, but you'd be wrong. While pumpkin-devouring hippo #1 is certainly eye-catching, the real star of this image is the smug and eager smile on the face of hippo #2, in the background. That is the smile of a hippo that sees a pumpkin on its way. You can almost picture it wiggling in pleasurable anticipation.
I can't explain or defend my love of this picture. I've been coming back to it all week.
Fun fact! The hippopotamus is not a close relative of other terrestrial even-toed ungulates, like you might think. Hippos are more closely related to cetaceans, which is to say that they are more like porpoises than like pigs. Though they are not actually all that much like either.

Also, I broke my foot. Specifically, the second metatarsal bone in my left foot. I have been limping for weeks, and have been trying to be a man about it, but since the fracture was confirmed this morning, I feel due for a little public complaining. Plus, remember that time that I showed you that totally bitchin' picture of a hippopotamus eating a pumpkin, and there was this other hippopotamus smiling in the background? Yeah, I mean, you kind of owed me for that.

Ow ow ow.
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